Monday, December 01, 2008

Summer Update: VBS

My last week as Children's Ministry Coordinator at the Covenant Church found me deep into VBS. Our theme was Jerusalem Marketplace and it was so much fun! Thankfully, I had a TON of help since I was on my honeymoon the week before it. Here is a little taste of our week...

Everyone dressed in Bible days costume. Here we are...the VERY newly married Mr. and Mrs.!

David was the rabbi! And the kids LOVED him! I think they thought that all rabbis must have Irish accents!

Here is adorable little Elijah, enjoying the marketplace!

Whole families took part in this VBS which made it very unique. Moms, dads, grandpas, and grandmas were all there taking part. Here is Alisa with her boys.

Paying good attention in school with Rabbi David!

Elianna is practicing her Hebrew letters on her clay tablet!

We even had real animals! It was the most fun I have ever had at a VBS! Thanks to everyone who helped out and pitched in to make it possible. I don't think any of us will soon be forgetting what it may have been like when Jesus walked this earth.


Freedom's Call Band said...

What a great week that was! I had so much fun seeing all the kids and their reactions too. You got some great pictures!
By the way, we got your "tagged" comment and will post soon. We all love ya and miss ya!

Karen said...

I really enjoyed doing this VBS at E-Free. What an awesome program! You guys look like a genuine Bible-days couple...except for the name tag! ;)