Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hiking in Ness Woods

I would like you to meet one of my new friends here in Ireland, Ramona. She also teaches violin and has the most wonderful personality. I so enjoying being with her and experiencing her joy for life! A few days after my birthday, she picked me up and we went for a lovely hike in Ness Woods, just outside of Derry. It was an enchanting walk through a stunning patch of Ireland!

She was trying to get her son, Xander, to look at me but he was far more interested in the stunning flora.
It was gorgeous!

Here is Xander, ignoring me again. I think he is really cute--like a model baby! 

It is hauntingly beautiful in there. All along the paths as you walk, you can hear water rushing, but you can't see it because the trees and plants grow so thick!

And it was...a very nice day! Thank you Ramona!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, belated as it is.

Love reading your blog.
God is faithful in giving you such a Godly and loving husband.

Karen said...

I love Ramona...she is so much fun! I'm glad that you have wonderful friends like her over there...what a blessing!