Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Irish Christmas III

Our lovely "Charlie Brown" tree! It is sitting on our coffee table so that you can see it out our front window. It is scraggly and has large gapping holes and kind of short and just perfect!

So here she is!!!
And now with the lights off! 
Ta Da!
Ahhh, I just love how the lights sparkle and I love squinting my eyes and making them all blur together. Does anybody else ever do that? Is that weird? Hmmm, maybe I should just keep some things to myself. 

So my first Christmas Eve away from my family has been bitter-sweet. I miss all the wonderful traditions of going over to Grandma's house and all the sweet kiddos around. But at the same time, I am exited to be building new memories and traditions with my wonderful husband and his family too. It is good to remember what all these celebrations are about...Jesus, and His great gift of love for us. He is a wonderful reason to celebrate!


Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Baby, Baby to Be, Kitty and Plant said...

It is so difficult to be so far away from family during these precious times! Where it is so awesomely wonderful to start new traditions, you never quite forget your Christmas' at home with the family. It looks like you and David are having a wonderful Christmas this year! Merry Christmas!

Micah Sunderman said...

Melanie, Greeting from Minnesota!
I am always do blessed to read your blog. Your sweet spirit and gorgeous pictures always lift me up. What a change for you to be living in Ireland :) I understand how you long for the comfort of your home here. I am sure the Lord will do wonderful things through you there.
I doubly enjoy your blog now that you are in Ireland. Elizabeth, Aurora and I were there in Oct of 2007 and fell even more in love with Eíre than we were before. Your experiences there are so neat to learn about and strike a sweet chord in my heart.
God bless and Happy New Year!

Micah Sunderman
Westbrook, MN