Saturday, February 28, 2009

Signs of Spring!

I feel a little bad posting these green pictures of Spring when I know that there are drifts of snow and ice back home in Minnesota! But they are just too fun not to post! Maybe this will give all you Minnesotans a little hope of what's to come...and it will come. Don't despair!

I am dedicating this post to my dear mother, who asked me to go out and take some pictures of the flowers. So here they are Mom!
My mother-in-law's flower garden

"Snow drops"...these grow wild everywhere!

Crocus, also growing wild (behind the chicken coup)

...nodding their pretty yellow heads in tune to the fresh breeze. 
I love Spring!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

So this morning, as I was taking a shower, I heard mysterious rustling in our bedroom. When I came out...there, on the bed, was a present all wrapped up for me and a beautiful red envelope that said "To the lovely Melanie" on it! Now, if you remember, last Valentine's Day I also received a red envelope (in the mail that time) but that one said, "To the lovely Melanie BERGE" on it! What a lot has changed since then! AND, on the dresser were these gorgeous tulips! I absolutely LOVE them!

This is what the package held...a cozy fleece blanket that says "I love you" in a bunch of different languages. 
Ichliebe Dich!
Ti amo!
Te qwero!
I love you David!