Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year's Eve

Happy 2009! 
May God bless this year for each of you in wonderful and wild ways. I was just thinking what an amazing year 2008 was for me...courtship, engagement, marriage, and moving to a new country. Whew! Talk about wild and wonderful! And I know that we can anticipate even greater things ahead. Like the song says..."the best is yet to come!"

We took a bike ride up a lovely mountain path in Carndonagh on New Year's Eve. It was lovely and made me think about the goodness of our God! He gives us such rich blessings...we just have to open our eyes and look and see it all around us!

Later that evening we went to our church's New Year's party and played some crazy games! Here, David got the last seat in "musical chairs"!

And I battled it out in "sock wars"! Man! That girl was SO strong! I love our church and the camaraderie of old and young. See in the picture...there is a man with white hair (battling our pastor!) playing right next to a couple little boys! It's so much fun!