Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Katey's Birthday Bowling Bash: Thomas edition

Thomas was hilarious to watch at Katey's birthday party. He has an extreme dramatic streak running through him, so things can be very entertaining with him around! These pictures give you a glimpse of his dramatic side...

Yes...that is a STRIKE on his score card! Maybe the dramatics actually pay off! Hmmm?

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Katey's Birthday Bowling Bash!

Katey celebrated her 13th birthday on June 11th. She is a beautiful young lady and I am so grateful for such a wonderful niece. She has a gentleness and sweetness in her that is refreshing and lovely. So, to celebrate her birthday we all got together at Matt and Beth's and started out with her traditional Jello pies. They are surprisingly good!

Thomas couldn't wait!...

After the pie, we all headed out to go bowling!

(sorry Mindy, I know you are blinking in this picture but it is the only picture that shows most of our whole group!)

We were all pretty bad at it but we had so much fun! Even Elijah thought so!

It was Elianna's first bowling experience...
(check out those cute little bowling shoes!)

...and she thought it was great fun!

It was a wonderful afternoon. Elijah had so much fun...he wore himself out!

Addressing the invitations

Karen came over and helped me address all of the envelopes for the invitations. She is such a tremendous blessing to me! It was a lot of work but went so much faster with two of us...and it was way more fun!

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