Thursday, December 04, 2008

Summer Update: Mom & Dad's visit

One thing that greatly eased the pain of saying goodbye to everyone back home was knowing that my parents were going to come over soon after settling into our new home. There was an Irish wedding reception held for David and I at the beginning of September for all his family and friends to attend. My parents were able to fly over and be here for that! I was so happy that they could come! (I don't have any pictures of the actual reception sorry!)

I love you Dad and Mom!

We also had this couple, Graham & Cassie from Wales, come over and stay with us for the reception as well. We had some great time playing music together!

Caldwell and Maryanne took us all to see the Giant's Causeway. Dad and I climbed up on the fascinating rock formations.
(Classic Dad pose! We have pictures of him doing this over many a cliff and precarious point!)

Then we went to the Glenveagh Castle and boy, was it beautiful there. Mom and I explored some of the gardens and I just couldn't take enough pictures! It was such an enchanting place.

And THEN, we celebrated two very milestone birthdays! Dad and Maryanne were both celebrating their 60th birthdays! (By the way, we had a much nicer desert than those dinky little cream puffs...! That was just for the candles.) :) 

All too soon it was time for them to head back home. I was so happy that they were here though and could see were we live and meet the people that are so much a part of my life now. I am looking forward to the next visit!

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Karen said...

Classic Uncle Ken pose...I love it! I'm glad that they were able to visit you!