Monday, November 01, 2010

Mariah's Birthday Party

I have been a VERY BAD GIRL and neglected this poor little blog for months now. I sort of feel guilty and sort of don't. I have been doing other things like being a mommy and trying to get at least one load of dishes done every day. You would think it wouldn't be that hard, but I seem to struggle at it somedays. David also insists that I take a nap every day when Mariah does, and I don't protest too much. He is so good to me! This pregnancy is going great and I feel really good. I will post a belly picture one of these days, but for now here is a little "catch-up on a few older photos...

I was attempting to load a little birthday video clip, but, alas, it won't work, so here are a few more pictures instead.

An attempt at a "kids picture"!

Rhiannon and Reuben put on a little play for us all after our dinner. It was adorable!

Mariah got a gigantic card from her Nanna and Grandad, which she played with for ages afterwards.
And to finish off, Mariah had her very first sleepover with her cousins! They are such great kids and I am so glad Mariah has them for cousins...she is a blessed little girl!