Tuesday, August 09, 2011


A stunningly beautiful country.

I so enjoyed going back to my husband's roots to see the land of his birth. It was a GREAT trip and made all the better since both sets of parents were with us.

If you are a mother to young children, you will understand how difficult it is to get out of the house sometimes without forgetting anything. Well, I was so proud of myself on this trip because I had really remembered pretty much everything important...even BOTH cameras! I was patting myself on the back until the second day or so when one of the batteries died, followed quickly by the second camera's batteries dying. Way to go, mommy brain! So anyway, these are the pictures that I managed to capture before the battery catastrophe.

There were several rides on ferries as we traveled to the Outer Hebrides...

And LOTS of time in the car. Mariah and Micah were little troopers though, and traveled very well (thank goodness!).

And thanks to entertainment from Grandma!

Once we reached the Isle of Lewis, David was invited to preach in the same pulpit that belonged to his grandfather years ago. The beautiful Gaelic singing made me feel like I was being transported into a different time, long ago (that link is great and also has lots of pictures of places that we were at...check it out). It made me understand how much my mother-in-law must miss her country and helped me understand the tears in her eyes as she joined in with the singing. I still get a lump in my throat when I think about it...

Sometimes I think that little corners of the charming country must have hardly changed at all over the past century or so.

What a blessing it was to take in all of the breathtaking sights of God's beautiful creation.

Loved it!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Speaking of family...

...my parents came to visit us! It was so SOOOoo wonderful to have them here. I just can't thank God enough for giving me these two amazing people as parents! I am so very blessed.

While they were here, we took a trip up through Scotland which is where the above picture was taken. It was a trip of a lifetime for most of us. David's parents came as well and we were able to visit the places where my mother-in-law grew up. We all enjoyed the trip very much (more about that trip later).

Mariah was really happy to see my parents as well. Since she hadn't seen them for 8 months, we were wondering how she would take to them, but as soon as they got off the airplane, she ran to my dad and hugged him and wouldn't let go for ages! It was great and by the look on my dad's face, it was doing him a lot of good too.

A lot of people think that Mariah looks like my mom and I think they are right.
The time really flew by when they were here because it was packed so full. In the two weeks that they were here we had Micah's baby dedication, they helped us move house, we toured Scotland, and then they helped us get settled into our new house when we got back. Plus lots of cuddling time with the grandkids, of course.

Micah's dedication Sunday

Getting to know their newest grandson!

Some lovin' from Grandma

Running through the rain, rescuing our laundry from off the clothesline! Aren't they great!

Thanks for coming over, Mom and Dad! We sure hated to say goodbye!

We love you!