Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yay for saving money!!

We had overnight visitors!! I love having company stay at our house and making them breakfast and all that fun stuff. Our friends came for one night and they were so much fun to have! The next day, they talked us into coming with them to an auction and a round of golf by the ocean. It was a little chilly but great fun!

(Above) All our balls are lined up to tee off! (I tried to remember everything that my friend Annette taught me during our golf lesson and was glad she couldn't see me! I had my "moments")
(Below) David shows us how it's done on the putting green.

Laura was so cute when she golfed! Her brother (in the white jacket) was visiting them from his home in South Africa. He was great fun to have as well.

So, after that we went to the auction and had a marvelous time! I now LOVE auctions! I could hardly believe the prices that things were going for! Unbelievable! 

So....are you ready for this!? Here are our lovely bargains that I am so excited about (well, mostly the last one, I guess).

First, David got this set of golf clubs for £10 ($14)! These are especially for when my dad comes to visit. :)  

Second, we bid on this wide screen, Panasonic TV and got it for £20 ($29)! This is for watching movies on. It's kind of weird, but over here you have to buy a TV license in order to watch television! I think that's dumb. Anyway, we don't miss it and I think my time is spent far wiser with us NOT having it in the house. (sorry about my little TV rant there! Back to the auction!..)

And last, but not least, we found this adorable pram (baby stroller) that was in great condition. The brand is Mamas & Papas and I was curious. So I looked up their website and was SHOCKED to find that their prams sell for up to £600!!! 
We got it for...*drumroll*....£5 ($7)!!!! 
It can interchange between the older kid seat (above) and the Moses basket (below). Can't you just imagine a cute little baby all snuggled down inside! 
Anyway, I feel so blessed by the Lord. He provides for all our needs and even for a few of our unnecessary wants too! And He even picked out a great color for the pram! I love it!
Praise the Lord!


The Mayo family said...

Hello Melanie,
We are from back in the states...friends of Wissmanns, Bontragers we have always watched your & sisters blog! Congrats on your new blessings coming and marriage and all! God is good and we are happy that we can still see how you are even thou---many miles away! My children and older girls would love to see more pics & what a home in Ireland looks like? Is it at all similar? We remember your trip there (way back) and looks like we have different housing?
Momma of 8

ben & mindy caron said...

What good deals; makes me want to go to an auction! (And Mel you are sounding oh so Irish in your writing...I just love it! But don't forget to utter an "uff-da" now and then; don't wanna loose that good 'ole northern Minnesota drawl. Just hope the Irish don't think you're swearing or something. ha)

Melanie said...

Mayo Family: It is so nice to "meet" you! I hope we can meet in real life sometime (maybe at our festival this year?!). To answer your question about houses here, the modern ones are very similar to houses back in the States in looks. Some of the older ones still have thatched roofs, but you don't see them too often. Every house has a fireplace (for heating, not just cosmetics!) and everything is mostly made of concrete and stone. Wood would rot too quickly. If you check out my November 26, 2008 post, you can see a couple pictures of our house.

Sam and Melissa Sahlstrom said...

Oh Mellie!

How fun to see the great deals you got at the auction! I think the golfing shots are so pretty with the GREEN grass! I also love the stroller. What a great deal! God sure is good!

Heather said...

What wonderful deals! God blesses us so abundantly, doesn't he?

I was just feeling especially blessed today. The girls ice skated at the curling club (only $2), we got free clothes at JCP (with a coupon and gift card that were both given to us), and even got free lunch at KFC with a coupon (the only time I've been to the one in our town)! You're right about God giving us all we need and even more.

It's exciting to see how He provides.

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

Oh! How marvelously HE showers us with blessings!! The stroller is darling, and I love how it lays flat. It'll be even more adorable once there's a little one to fill it!;)