Thursday, May 21, 2009

Virtual Shower of Blessing!

A few Saturdays ago, I got the biggest surprise of my life! I was calmly sitting at my computer, working on a few things, when Skype suddenly rang. I was excited to see that it was Mindy and answered it. She started calmly asking me about what I was up to and we chatted for a bit and then she said, "We have something for you!" and turned the camera to show a huge crowd of people (about 50 or so) off to the side all saying "Surprise!!" I was stunned and it took me a while to realize that they were having a baby shower...for ME!! It was the most creative and wonderful thing ever!

To see how they pulled it off, read about all the behind the scenes genius HERE, at Mindy's blog. I am still in a state of shocked blessing at what they all did for me. It was incredible! Thank you everyone!!...from the bottom of my heart. 

Here are some of the gifts that they sent (to my in-laws house, where they were hidden for weeks!). Things that I never thought we would be able to afford, generously given to us by our wonderful friends and family.
In addition to what you see on the table, we were also given several LARGE items that we haven't assembled yet (although I can hardly wait!!). We were given a crib and matching changing table in a gorgeous dark wood that I love. Plus, a beautiful Graco portable crib from my parents. 

I will post pictures of the nursery once we get everything set up. I am so inspired now that I have stuff to actually put into it! Thank you again to all of you who took part in this amazing event. My sister, Mindy, especially, for doing all the arranging of this. What a blessed sister I am! 

My blessings have been... 
"pressed down, shaken together, and are running over..."!
(loosely quoted from Luke 6:38)


Chris, Tasha, Dawson & Lainey said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it!! I was sad that I wasn't able to attend d/t family being in town. But I was thinking of you, and so glad you were surprised. The girls did an excellent job!! Can't wait to see the nursery pictures!! And--we could use another growing belly picture too :-)

Mrs. Jo said...

I thought this was one of the sweetest ideas I'd ever seen!

Abbi said...

Mindy was telling me about this and it sounded so neat! What fun that you could be so well surprised!