Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My first craft sale!

Since I am not working yet, I thought it would be fun to take up some crafty projects. I joined the library in Derry and found some really fun books on sewing and crocheting and so the crafting began. 

I wasn't too serious about it all until I found out that Fahan Presbyterian Church was having a bake sale the Saturday before Easter and were offering me a booth if I wanted to sell some craft items. It was two weeks before the sale when I found out, so I went into "crazy mode" with making stuff! 

I stuck a few of my hats on and actually sold a couple! (I was completely shocked and had to hold myself back from apologizing for them since I am such a beginner!)
I really fell in love with the hot pink set though! 

I also tried my hand at dish cloths, which is pretty hard to make any profit from, mostly because I am still so slow at making them! I think I figured that I ended up making around 50 pence per hour! Not so great but I had fun, so that counts as something I suppose. 

And last, but not least, I tried making these "Easter Blessing Baskets" which I filled with scones and chocolate chip cookies. They ended up selling the best of all, which I was very happy about. 
So that was my first craft fair and I really enjoyed it. I even found out that my picture was on the front of the Health section of the paper the next day! A HUGE full page picture. (kinda scary!) 


Freedom's Call Band said...

Fun!!! Your projects are beautiful! I'd definately buy the hot pink scarf and hat set from you...I just love them!

Matt said...

Ok...where's the full page picture? Does your paper have a website that has the pic?

Congrats on your craftiness! I always knew you were crafty...now the whole world knows, you crafty crafter you!

Guntzel Girls said...

Wow! Pretty impressive creations, Melanie! The baskets are so cute, and the dishtowels, hats, and scarf look amazing! What a wise way to use your time! Thanks for the ideas. Love you!


♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

Oh Melanie! Your hats are adorable! You are amazing!

ben & mindy caron said...

SO cute, Mel! You inspire me!

ben & mindy caron said...

red rover, red rover, send the newspaper photo right over...