Monday, April 20, 2009

Camping trip: Part 2

After hiking up to the top of the ridge (see previous post) we hiked down to the bottom and did a little exploring. We found this cozy little cottage that looked so inviting! I think it is either for fishermen or sheep herders to stay in when they are there. 

As we were hiking along, we suddenly spotted this mysterious-looking cave that seemed to say, "EXPLORE ME!!" I thought that there must be treasure in there! 

Sure enough! Look at that...the man I love! Now that's a treasure! :)

David brought along his coffee making paraphernalia and made a first-class cup of coffee, while I munched on chips and salsa. It was the most unique picnic spot I have ever experienced! 

These next two pictures are especially for my dad. He requested some shots of David with his new fishing rod, so here they are! It was a nice fishing spot, even if he didn't catch anything. 

Oh well! It's hard to be bummed out when it is so lovely everywhere you look.

So that was the end of that camping trip! 
We praise the Lord for the gifts that He gives us and these beautiful days to enjoy! 


ben & mindy caron said...

Ah, the beauty of Ireland - the whole country is one big perfect camp site. :) Thanks for the wonderful post, Mel!

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

Too fun! Your blog is just so refreshing, Melanie! Thank you!!