Sunday, November 02, 2008

Summer Update: Wedding Rehearsal!

The day arrived for the wedding rehearsal and excitement was in the air! It really made the reality of our upcoming wedding start to sink in for me! It sort of seemed like a dream before that. The day was filled with lots of work and planning...

My wonderful dad (and I mean WONDERFUL!!) built us these stairs for in front of the stage (he also built the stage!) so we could walk up to the head table in style. Isn't he great!?

Okay, time to practice walking up the "isle". We didn't have the chairs set up yet so we had to use our imaginations a little. Paul (David's brother) and Mindy (my sister) show us how it's done. 

I believe the guys are having a discussion on where they should stand.

Waiting for his bride...

After the rehearsal, my Mom and Dad surprised us by treating everyone to an amazing dinner at the Douglas Lodge in Lake Itasca State Park. It was perfect and the lake was beautiful that evening! Thank you Mom and Dad! 
(Isn't my husband handsome!? Wow!)

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Karen said...

I love the last picture of you two! You both look great!