Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Summer Update: Bluegrass Festival!

Here are some 1500-2000 people enjoying some great gospel bluegrass in my beautiful homeland of northern Minnesota.

This family, the Johnson Family, sang so beautifully, you would have thought that angels had descended! We were so privileged to also have them sing at our wedding. It was lovely...I wish you could have heard them! Oh wait! You can hear them if you jump over to my brother Matt's blog and check out his YouTube video of these guys. Thanks Matt!

David and his brother and sister also sang at the festival. You should have seen the huge crowd that gathered in the showcase stage when they started. They were massively popular! I couldn't even squeeze into the back to catch a look at my own future husband (imagine that!) so I finally had to sneak into a side door!

And in the midst of it all, we were planning a wedding! David caught a picture of me sewing one of the bridesmaid dress belts on one of our many trips back and forth to the festival site. It was a crazy busy time, but it just seemed fitting for us to get married in the midst of all the music. It was what brought us together and something that we both love so much. 


Matt said...

You can hear the Johnson family at the following:

Or do a search on YouTube for 'Lake Itasca' and see some additional groups that performed at the Lake Itasca Family Music Festival!

Melanie said...

I forgot about those video clips you did! I will add the link. Great thinking there brother! You are brilliant.

Karen said...

I see that you are already picking up some Irish....(brilliant)! You may lose that Minnesota accent after all!

Great pictures, by the way!

ben & mindy caron said...

Love your summer updates, Melanie! What AWESOME memories to reflect upon! Miss you sooooooooooo much...