Friday, November 07, 2008

Summer Update: Our Honeymoon continued...

After spending a few days in Duluth, we headed up the North Shore drive and found ourselves exploring Tettegouche State Park. Look...there's a handsome hiker now!

I thought this tree's root system was incredible--twisted and tough little tree. Bravely clinging to life and defying all the elements trying to erode it away. Go little tree, go!

This little squirrel almost scared me to death while I was waiting in the stillness of the forest alone. We had found a camera lying on the path and the pictures on it revealed the faces of some hikers we had passed a ways back so David ran to catch them. I stayed alone and took pictures of berries (see following picture) when all of a sudden, above my head, this little guy burst out in an explosion of psychotic crazyness.  I don't know what his issue was but I managed to get a picture of him after he settled down a little. He looks cute there but I am still a little spooked by him...even in the picture!

Then we reached the thundering falls and cooled our travel weary feet in the fresh flowing waters...ahhhhhh!

Isn't almost fairy-like?

A nice girl took our picture in front of the falls. 

After that adventure, we ventured on North and found ourselves at Lutsen Ski Resort where we stayed for our last two days of our honeymoon. It was spectacular! A highlight was riding on the mountain tram to the top cafe and looking out over the vastness of Lake Superior. Wow!

So that concludes our first adventure as husband and wife. One down, a lifetime more to go! Woo hoo!!

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Karen said...

Since I am possibly the only one who knows that this newer post is under the older one, I thought I would comment and tell you how lovely the pictures are.

By the way, I tagged you for a fun photo tag. See my blog for details!