Saturday, October 18, 2008

Summer Update: Family Reunion is the next segment of our summer update series! On a beautiful weekend in July, the whole Berge family gathered together once again. We continue to grow and add more and more members each year. It is such a joy to meet new fiances, hold new babies, and see all the old faces once again.

The Berge Family Reunion Band!! Singing around the campfire some of those great old hymns, some praise songs, and some crazy ones like "I'm My Own Grandpa" (Thanks to Monty!). of the newer members of the Berge family, with her beautiful mommy (my lovely sister Mindy)!

Here is the Ken Berge section of the family. I love my family!

David really enjoyed his first Berge family reunion...right David? :) Who couldn't love such a crazy fun family! It was a wonderful weekend.


♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

It WAS such a lovely weekend...rain and all! I love seeing the pictures!!

Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Baby, Baby to Be, Kitty and Plant said...

It was a fabulous reunion! It was so awesome seeing you and meeting David. I am so hoping to see you all again sometime soon!