Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Summer Update: David's family arrives!

The wedding was fast approaching and so many preparations were taking place. The exciting day finally came when David's family arrived, signaling that the wedding was only one week away! It was so wonderful to see them all arrive in the airport and drive them back to meet my family. They were all excited to be in the USA!

Reuben and Rhiannon find some new friends at the Mall of America!

All of our families took time the weekend before the wedding to go to a rodeo! This rodeo is my Mom's favorite and our family has sung at it a few years ago. It was great to be back and to experience the fun with David's family.

God has blessed me richly with such a great family! Look at them...aren't they great!? I appreciate, every day, that I have married into such a wonderful bunch of people!

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