Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Sound of Music

"The hills are alive, with the sound of music...!!!" Well, there aren't exactly a lot of hills down here in southern Minnesota but the soy bean fields were certainly privileged! This weekend I was able to go down to my oldest sister Melissa's house and see 5 members of their family perform in the musical, The Sound of Music. It was incredible and extremely well done!

Ben had a lead role as Rolph and he did a fantastic job. I was blown away by his stage presence and amazing solo ("I am 17, going on 18")!

Annika was a postulant in the Abby. Here she is with Megan Gilmore who played Louisa von Trapp.
The von Trapp Family singers!

All the postulants

Part of the children's choir in which Charisma and Becca sang.


Annika and Melissa...after the show


After the show we went back to the Sahlstroms along with 25 other people (there were 21 people sleeping in their house last night!). The Sahlstroms are well known for their hospitality and do a great job at it! It was a quick trip but so much fun!

Congratulations, Sahlstrom clan, on an amazing performance!


Craig & Jessica said...

What an amazing performance! It would have been fun to see it!!

tshavlik said...

It was fun to see the pictures. It must have been such an enjoyable performance and time of fellowship before and after. Marilyn and I love going to plays together. She was on the Pillsbury drama team and a secretary in the costume department at Bob Jones. The stage is one of our loves.