Sunday, April 06, 2008

April snow storm!

So I'm not sure about you, but when I think of Spring it usually conjures up images of green growing things, bunnies, birds in their nests and bubbling brooks. But then again I am a little delusional to think that way considering that I live in Minnesota. So this morning, I looked out my window and saw this instead...

At church this morning I heard a lot of moaning and groaning about it. It is kind of a pain getting stuck and having wet snow blowing in your face and wading through snow drifts to get to your car. But on the other hand....I sort of feel like I am 6 years old again and it's Christmas morning and life just couldn't possibly get any better.
Check that out! I took this picture 4 or 5 hours ago and it has been snowing steady ever since! Pretty amazing considering that at this same time yesterday there was grass in that very spot.
I don't care what anybody says...I love it!


Craig & Jessica said...

I totally agree with you!!!! I also really LOVE it! It is nice knowing that we can enjoy the snow....knowing that it will melt away SOON! (It's not like it's the beginning of winter!)

I had fun watching it snow all day today!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, thank you, Melanie.....I do well, enjoying things vicariously :) eldest daughter, Elizabeth, once painted a picture of a snowy woods; it hangs over my piano in the dining room, and I feel,each time I glance at it, as if I am crunching through that snow in the delightfully cold air! :)

my greetings to any of the rest of your family you may come into contact with, too :)

-- Ma Sands

Janna said...

Yessir, it's been a real, old-fashioned snow-storm! Just like the "good ol' days" when I was a kid. ;)

tshavlik said...

Wow! I heard about that snow. I'm glad you enjoyed it and shared your pictures with us. Just about the last of our snow is gone. I hope spring comes your way soon. :o) Take care!


Anonymous said...

Good to see things are going well. I enjoyed reading about your Ireland trip. Take care.