Thursday, April 24, 2008

A beautiful gift

This morning, my mom came out of her bedroom with a large box in her hands and a twinkle in her eye and announced, "Mellie, I've had this for a while and I've decided that I am going to give it to you today!" So it isn't my birthday, Christmas is long gone, and it isn't National Give Your Daughters Something Really Nice Day, so what's the occasion? I just have a super wonderful mother who requires no occasion to completely bless my socks off!

So I opened the box and inside I found this!

It is an absolutely gorgeous large covered serving dish AND it matches my china set! Go here to see the rest of my china and how I came about getting it. I am a blessed girl! Thank you Mom!!


Freedom's Call Band said...

That is so pretty, Melanie! I agree--your mom is amazing! You and your family have been such a gift to us! We praise God for you!

Craig & Jessica said...

How beautiful! You have such a wonderful Mother!

tshavlik said...

Isn't generosity such a joy? I love giving and receiving. Jesus reminds us that "it is more blessed to give than receive." What a privilege your mom has to bless you with special gifts of love.