Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Loving books

Mariah got a bunch of really great books as gifts and I was thinking that I couldn't wait until she was old enough to enjoy them. I thought she was a bit too young yet but she already loves having stories read to her. It's great because I love reading out loud (even to David, which he thinks is weird but patiently tolerates anyway)!

Here she is enjoying her animal book that she got from her cousins:

Looks like she's at a really good part here...

I think she likes this one!


Kristen & Kevin Erickson said...

Those are such cute pictures!!! I need to dig out Lauren's books from the boxes are are not unpacked in our basement!! Mariah is such a beauty!

Delchi, Krista, Sabria and Ariana said...

We love that book too! Great pictures!