Thursday, April 15, 2010

And so it begins...

...the lifetime adventure with food!

Since I am so fond of reading cooking websites and blogs like this one and this one, I was excited that it was time for Mariah to taste her very first bite of "real" food. I think food is so fun and such an amazing part of God's wonderful creation!

We, of course (being the over-the-top-first-time-parents that we are), had to video this momentous occasion. Blogger is not allowing me to upload videos again today. I've been trying for several days but no a link it is.

*And please pay no attention to the mommy! I told David to NOT get me in the video because I was not presentable and my hair was...well, yucky...yes, that's the word. But he sort of forgot, I guess. Ugh!


Kristen & Kevin Erickson said...

She is so precious! I love her expressions when she is eating. She did really well! Again...her pretty blue eyes just make me melt! So beautiful!

The Sisters said...

So Cute! She made the best faces for you!

The Sisters said...

Oh, so cute! She sure did make some adorable expressions when she tasted those first few bites! :)