Friday, June 05, 2009

Wild Horses

One of the things that my father-in-law enjoys doing is buying, training, and selling horses. They are usually pretty wild and he does just the preliminary training. Things like, getting them used to the bit and bridle, having a saddle on their back, and responding to the reins. 

A few days ago, he called us asking if we could help him drive some wild horses from a field, down a road, and into a corral so he could load them in his trailer. Our job was to block off all the side roads and keep them running in the right direction. It was quite exciting! Here's a short video of them getting in the trailer. They are such beautiful animals!


Kate said...

What beautiful horses!!!

All in a Day said...

Fun! One of my daughters got to sit on one of my mom's horses over the weekend. She was nervous, but the horse did very well.

I wanted to let you know I enjoyed scrolling through your blog; you've been blogging for a LONG time! I love the big family picture, and your baby shower was so much fun to read about. What a neat idea.