Wednesday, June 03, 2009

40 Years!

It all began in sixty-nine

In Hawaiian flowers and sunshine

They said “I do” and tied the knot

And started an adventurous plot!


Although sometimes the road was rough

They found they always had enough

And learned to lean on God above

And rest in His abiding love


Before too long they had a brood

Of three wee lasses and a dude

And these four children grew to find

That they had parents so good and kind


The time and energy they gave

To teach their children to behave

Would tire out the stoutest brute

They are the best, there’s no dispute!


And soon the children, bit by bit

Moved on to start their own outfits

The house was still, but not for long

For grandkids number 15 strong!


And when they all return, it’s true

Such noise and bustle does ensue!

But if you think that it will cease

I tell you, it shall more increase!


For generations shall be born

And like a garland, they are worn

Who knows what great potential lies

Within these infant baby cries


And just to think, it all began

With just one woman and one man

We’re oh-so-thankful for the way

They love each other, come what may


So why the poem? Have you guessed?

We want to tell them how we’re blessed

And how their lives lived day by day

Bring joy to others along the way!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 
We love you!!


Guntzel Girls said...

Whoa! Did you write that, Melanie? That was an amazing poem! Congratulations to your parents!

Anonymous said...

Mel, here we are wiping the tears from our eyes after reading your beautiful poem. We were just talking tonight about these past 40 years and agreed that the best thing that ever happened to us was our children. And now the blessing of grandchildren is amazing! Thank you for the precious thoughts. We love you!

ben and mindy caron said...

Oh, Mel! Wiping tears here beautiful of a poem. What a gift to have parents who love the Lord, display His character, and live what they teach - we are SO BLESSED!!

Heather said...

That was lovely, Melanie! You made me cry! :)