Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Colorado...here we come!

Well, I am setting off for an adventure of a life time--elk hunting in Colorado! I am amazed how the timing has worked out for me to go along on this trip. Dad went out a few years ago and this time he asked if I wanted to go along. I was more than excited that it all worked out for me to go. So here goes nothing!

Be sure to stop back in and look for pictures when I return, in about 2 weeks!


Janna said...

Have a fun trip, Melanie!

Chris & Natasha said...

Have fun, Chris is headed there next year about this time. And, our friends just got back from Colorado...it was abnormally warm there when they went, so good luck to you! Have fun!!

abi said...

What a special opportunity! Have a wonderful time! I'll be sure to stayed tuned for your 'here goes nothing' update. :) Blessings to you!

Patriot said...

What a cool experience! Have fun!

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