Saturday, September 01, 2007

A place of refreshing

Ok...the moral of this post is "don't be dumb and get too busy!" (I have to learn this one over and over!) This summer was a pretty busy one and sadly I allowed it to consume my time to the point that my quiet time in the Word suffered. It is such a dangerous place, to be a soldier of the cross and not have any armour on! I began to realize that I was losing battles and feeling so spiritually dry. While I was in Ireland I had a lot of time to just be in the Word and pray and oh, it was good and so refreshing!

I love reading the words of old songs and recently found this one that fit so well...

When Thou Wakest in the Morning


When thou wakest in the morning
Ere thou tread’st the untried way
Of the lot that lies before thee
Through the coming busy day;

Whether sunbeams promise brightness,
Whether dim forebodings fall,
Be thy dawning glad or gloomy,
Go to Jesus, tell Him all.


Isn't that great and don't you just lovest that old English! I hopeth thou art encouraged-eth by it!...there really is a treasure of unimaginable refreshing to be found at Jesus feet! May we never neglect it!


mindy caron said...


Bethany said...

I've never heard that hymn before -- what beautiful words! And what gorgeous pictures!!!! (From Ireland, I'm assuming?) Wow. It must be a beautiful country; it seems you captured the feel of it very well! Wish I could walk into your pictures! :D

abi said...


I know this post was some time ago, but I still wanted to comment and let you know what a blessing it was to my soul!

I especially was touched by the phrase, "Be thy dawning glad or gloomy, Go to Jesus, tell Him all." It SO met me were I was at, and refreshed my inmost being. Thank you!

Hugs, and love to YOU!!