Saturday, April 07, 2007

The greatest gift!

What thou, my Lord, has suffered was all for sinners' gain;
Mine, mine was the transgression, but thine the deadly pain.
Lo, here I fall, my Savior! 'Tis I deserve thy place;
Look on me with thy favor, vouch safe to me thy grace.

What language shall I borrow to thank thee, dearest friend,
For this thy dying sorrow, thy pity without end?
O make me thine forever; and should I fainting be,
Lord, let me never, never outlive my love for thee.

(O Sacred Head Now Wounded)


Amy S. Trosen said...

I love this song. Thank you Melanie.

abi said...

Amen! Thank you for sharing such simple, profound, and powerful words!!

Hugs to you!

Melissa Sahlstrom said...

I just had to break into song and sing the lyrics for the kids! You know me! What encouragement.....thank you little sister!

All our love!

Melissa Lee and family!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginger said...

I found your blog and I really enjoyed it. I think it's so cool that you sing bluegrass. I like bluegrass and I love Southern Gospel music!
Come check my blog out some time!