Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The other side of the world

What a blessing it was to be amongst the people of south Asia for the past few weeks.

I was confronted with the stark reality of Muslim lifestyles and how they look at us as Americans. Although our team was treated very well and welcomed wholeheartedly, the general belief there is that Americans (whom they believe to be Christians) are people with very loose morals and no modesty. It is no wonder that they believe this with the television and Hollywood movies that they are exposed to from the West. It makes me sad to think that our once Godly nation now has such a terrible reputation.

I felt a very grave responsibility to represent Christ in an honorable way so as to bring Him glory in every thing I said and did. What a good reminder it was to be constantly watchful and careful of every word I say and thing I do because I am always representing Christ no matter where I am.

Here are a few pictures...

A neighbor sweeping her floor

We experienced many new fruits and vegetables that were delightful!

The mosques and temples stood as silent witness to the bondage in people's hearts.


wissmann girls said...

Welcome home Melanie! It's nice to have you state-side again, though it looks like you had a wonderful and fruitful time. Loved all the pictures!

abi said...


I am so glad to see that you lifted the 'blogger only' comment option. I've wanted to leave one a number of times...as I've been inspired greatly by your blog!

Thank you for the great reminder that we are ALWAYS representing Christ! Is all that I'm doing pleasing and honoring my Savior?? Are others drawn to Him?? Is He exalted--glorified--lifted up for all the world to see through me??

I see Jesus in your smile, eyes, and blog. What a precious thing that is to behold...thank you!

In His love,

PS--I know Wissmann's, and thus know you, right?!:)

Janna said...

Welcome back, Melanie! We're so glad to hear you got back safely. Hope to hear more about your overseas adventures soon! :)

mindy caron said...

The joy you have in serving the Lord blesses me, Mel! Praise God for the opportunities He is giving you -- and the way in which you respond to His callings.

Amy S. Trosen said...

I also have been really troubled at the picture we Americans present to the world.

Melanie said...

It is great to back!

I am sorry that I didn't lift the "blogger only" option sooner. I am still learning what this thing can do. Thank you for your sweet encouragement!

Yes, the American lifestyle that the world sees is troubling and something that I think can only be healed by "going and showing" that Christ actually makes a difference. It was encouraging to see the families there doing such a wonderful job of that.

Sahlstrom crew said...

We can hardly wait to hear all about your trip in person. The pictures, the excitement in your voice, the stories will all impact our hearts forever. Also, since you are "THE BEST STORYTELLER" according to all in our family, I know that we are in for a treat! Thank you for making us all smile whenever your name of face comes into our minds. You are a blessing!

Love and hugs,
Sam, Missy, Ben, Annika, Charisma, Becca, Reuben, Amelia, Katrina and Erina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am always blessed by reading your blog. Thank you for taking the time to share it. I stumbled upon it and now I check it often.:)

I find the picture of the mosque very interesting. What symbolism to see the poverty that surrounds it! It's true in so many ways, how this is a picture of the Muslim religion, the poverty in their souls, the bondage it brings them, especially the women.