Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Best Dad in the WHOLE World!
I have been supremely blessed to have been given such an amazing father. He loves and honors God with his life and lives his life above reproach. He loves my mother dearly and serves her and us so faithfully and without complaint. When I think of the many late and long hours that he has put in so that he could provide us with a comfortable and cozy home, I am amazed and so thankful. He has always been willing to sacrifice his own comforts and desires in order to put others first.

One example can be found in the picture above. "Hate" may be too strong of a word, but Dad really doesn't like puzzles. The logic of spending hours and hours placing a bunch of small pieces of cardboard together and then eventually putting them all back into a box, escapes him. However, my mother really enjoys puzzles--because of the wonderful times of fellowship and togetherness that puzzles often encourage. SO, Dad, sat down with Mom and put in some pieces just so that they could be together. Of course he did make a big deal of it and we were all aware of whenever he found a match, but regardless, he did it and that was pretty sweet. So maybe that wasn't his crowning moment of self-sacrifice, but that is just one small example. Anyway, I think that he definately is the greatest dad in the whole world!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I love you,

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Matt said...

And a flowery puzzle to boot!