Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rag curls and cake pops

I fondly remember having my hair rolled up into rag curls when I was wee and waking up the next morning to glorious, bouncy curls. So I thought I would try it on Mariah. It worked really well on her and I think would be a nice thing to do for special occasions. I took some old scrap cotton material that I had and cut it into 1 inch x 6 inch strips. Then, after her bath and when her hair was "nearly" dry, I rolled little sections up and let her sleep on it overnight.

And, on an unrelated note, I tried making cake pops and cake truffles (same thing) for the first time. They were fun to make and I learned a lot in the process. I think I would make them a lot smaller next time though. They were a bit too large but still tasted nice. You should see the shapes people make with these things! So cute!

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The Sisters said...

How sweet - I love rag curls! And I've always wanted to try cake pops...they look sooo yummy!