Saturday, January 14, 2012


It's tradition. Other than that, there is very little appeal to this annual fish dinner I suppose, except for all the melted butter you pour on top and of course the social appeal! Here we are, all waiting for our turn to dine...

The fish itself is a bit..."unique" in texture and smell. (You can read more about it if you want.) And so, in the spirit of tradition, I felt it my duty to expose my offspring to this culinary experience.

Mariah's first taste: She forked it in with great delight and eagerness, possibly expecting a similar taste to the yummy Swedish meatballs or buttered and sugared lefse.
But, nope...not exactly.
It never could be persuaded to enter her mouth again. Don't worry, Mariah. It will grow on you!

Micah was prepared to take on the whole bowl! That's a good Norwegian boy!


Rebecca said...

You made me smile with Mariah's reaction to the lutefisk! So funny!!!

Laura said...

Thats stuff looks "interesting" Mel…! Not sure about it at all now!!!