Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family Get-Away

For our "holiday" this summer, instead of taking a big trip someplace or heading out of the country, we decided to just take advantage of some good rates at a hotel not too far away that had a swimming pool (for the kids and I) and a golf course (for David). It was great and so relaxing. I think we all really enjoyed it.

David and his wee shadow getting limbered up to play some golf.

First time swimming in a pool! So excited.

Totally lovin' it!

Mariah's first ice-cream cone was a big hit!

All pooped out...


The Sisters said...

I love the picture of Mariah with her ice cream cone! Sure looks like she enjoyed it!

Laura said...

Oh Mel, wow looks like you had a blast! :-)

Lauren said...

So cute!!