Thursday, September 09, 2010

Minnesota Summer: Part one

On the airplane...dicovering the joys of flying with a small child. She was actually very good, just extremely wiggly and constantly in motion! On the way home, she slept a lot and we really enjoyed that!

Our first stop was the 2010 Berge Family Reunion! Mariah got to meet over 100 Berge relatives!
Uncle Matt was among her favorites...

So many new cousins and wonderful to see the old ones as well. (I'm not implying that either of you are "old"...Karen and Kaye! You certainly aren't that!)

My sister Mindy is so beautiful, inside and out. You would never know that she was 7 months pregnant here, would you?

David was blessed with loads of opportunities to go fishing! There are such gorgeous lakes there and beautiful weather as well. Most days it was very warm and balmy.


Here's our whole crew! What an amazing blessing it is to have such a wonderful family.

And after counting up, we realized that around 15 babies had been born since the last reunion (just two years ago)! So we gathered them all together for a picture...the Berge family lives on!!!

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♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

It was such fun seeing you!