Saturday, June 12, 2010

Angus Buchan

What a privilege it was to hear this mighty man of God speaking to a full house last night at the Fintona Horse Arena. It was an encouraging message and I managed to catch a little bit of it for you. Just so you can get a small taste of his great accent and wonderful sense of humor!


Annette said...

Wish I could have been there. So hungry for Truth!

ben and mindy said...

I was refreshed just watching this little bit. Thanks for sharing Mel! I love the movie about this man's life - "Faith Like Potatoes" - a MUST see movie for anyone who hasn't yet!

Allison Mills said...

I just stopped here on your blog and delighted in seeing your beautiful daughter! What a joy and a blessing! I read some of your older posts and found the "Intercessor" video by Eric Ludy. My Chelsea is out in Colorado this summer at the first Ellerslie. She was just baptized and they have spent the past few days dealing in prayer with the students' "issues" so that they can all focus on those around them instead of on themselves. Chelsea is stretching and growing and it is a beautiful thing! Thanks for posting!

Miss Taylor said...

Hi Melanie!

You've been awarded the Sunshine Blog Award! Visit my blog for details.

I enjoy purusing your typings and am blessed by your family.

Taylor Garms

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