Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day recap

My wonderful Valentine walked into the house a few days ago carrying these...
I just love them and I love him! I am abundantly blessed!

I had fun reminiscing over the last few years of Valentine's Days.

Three years ago: I was a completely single girl, not even bothering to mention Valentine's Day at all!

Two years ago: I was celebrating my first Valentine's Day with a REAL Valentine all my own!

One year ago: I was married to my wonderful Valentine and living in Ireland. PLUS, we had this to announce!

And now, we have our own sweet, tiny Valentine to love! God is so good!

Here she is with the neighbor boy. I guess I am going to have to talk to her about the six-inch rule.

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ben and mindy said...

Mel - you are SO very blessed! I love you!