Tuesday, January 12, 2010


These pictures are sort of random, but a fun look into life these days. So here they are!

Mariah NEVER has a lack of someone to hold her at church. These three sweet girls are wonderful to her and the two on the right are both newly married so they are sort of...how shall I put this...broody? Yes, that's it. I think they are all going to be wonderful mommies some day!

Caleb, Christina, and Mariah

Sound asleep in Grandma's arms

Mariah looks a bit stunned in this one.

Mariah loves this cute toy that she got as a gift.
It rotates and is so cool...toys these days are so fun!
Back when I was a kid, we had to make our toys out of sticks from the forest! (Actually, that's not totally true.We did make stuff out of sticks though, but it was because we wanted to, so you can stop feeling sorry for me now.)


Guntzel Girls said...

We had fun making toys and forts in the woods too, Melanie :-D! What fun pictures! I love getting a glimpse into your life there in Ireland! I think Mariah is getting cuter every day, which I didn't even think would be possible since she was so adorable to begin with! I hope you all are doing well. Love to you all!


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Grace Mally said...

Hey Melanie! I just want to drop a note and say hello! Baby Mariah is so cute. :) Hope you have a wonderful 2010 filled with joy in the Lord. Lots of love from Iowa...