Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mariah update

I am sorry that I have been slow about posting pictures and updates these days. I am amazed how much time this little person can take up! But I am loving every second of it! Mariah is doing really great and is a great blessing in every way. What a tremendous gift from God we have been given!

Here are a few of the things we have been up to the last few weeks...

Irene, our good friend, made this beautiful quilt for Mariah! It is absolutely lovely!

Grandma Maryann made the sweet little sweater that Mariah is wearing. It is so special to have these beautiful handmade gifts.

Grandma Becky came with us on our first walk after the birth. Mariah was four days old in this picture. It was so wonderful to have my mom stay with us for the first two weeks. We were blessed like crazy by her. She just served us so selflessly the entire time by cooking, cleaning, and doing loads and loads of laundry! Thank you Mom!!

Our wonderful friends, Paul and Ramona and their three beautiful children came by for a visit as well. The kids were so sweet with Mariah.

Daddy and Mariah having a conversation about their day.

Mommy giving Mariah her first bath!
There are lots more pictures to come...if I ever get around to downloading them from my camera. I will though, I promise!! (someday)


The Sisters said...

Melanie, I love the pictures...thanks for putting them up! Mariah is just darling!!! I was so happy to be able to "meet" her this morning! ;)

Stacey said...

She's beautiful just like her mother! Hope your doing well and thanks for sharing the pics!

Mindy said...

Love the photos, Mel! And I know EXACTLY how hard it is to blog when a newborn is in the house! Missing you...

Delchi, Krista, Sabria and Ariana said...

Love all the pictures! Mariah is so beautiful! You are such a good mommy! Love you! ~Krista