Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My flowers

Sadly, I have a very UN-green thumb. It seems that every house plant I've had has died under my over-attentive care. It's such a bummer. So, that is why I am posting these pictures of my hanging plants outside my front door. They are so pretty and thriving right now and I am just not sure how long this is going to last. 

So, there! Some evidence that not all plants hate me! And see that little green bush at the corner of our step? That is a tomato plant that has had its stem broken in two places but still hasn't died! I think it was given by God to encourage me! It even has little yellow blossoms on it! Miracle DO happen!!


Jordan and Marianne said...

Pretty! I bet the hummingbirds would love those, if only there were any in Ireland :).

Freedom's Call Band said...

I can totally relate, Melanie!
Katelyn and I were trying to grow basil and bell pepper plants from seed...well, we kinda forgot to water them and they died! Mom planted the mostly dead plants in a pot of dead flowers (which also met the fate of not being watered ;) and we'll see if they come back to life??? However, it did get us to water our still living flowers, tomato plant, raspberry plants, and strawberry plants! We'll see how long they last...hopefully through the summer! :)
Can't wait to see ya!
P.S. Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Erica Lea said...

Are those Fuchsia? Lovely. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures.

Melanie said...

Yes they are, Erica. I just love them!

Beth said...

well Melanie, I am glad you have some flowers.. they all hate me LOL the only ones alive in this home are not my personal ones LOL
Sure was nice meeting you in MN.. as short as the visit was, there just wasnt enough time.
Your family is wonderful, what a witness for Jesus!!
Blessings, Beth