Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wedding flowers!

My mom, Auntie Eve, and I all headed into Bemidji Florist last week and picked out the flowers for my wedding. It was SO HARD to choose! All of the different varieties and gorgeous colors were amazing. Here is a little sampling of some of the ones I settled on finally.

You can see a little swatch of the bridesmaid dress material in the picture below. I am in the midst of sewing today and absolutely love the material. It is going to look so stunning on my beautiful bridesmaids! I can hardly wait. Only 5 weeks and 3 days to go!

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Janna said...

Oh! Melanie, the flowers are *gorgeous*! They look perfect with your fabric. We went crazy when the invitation arrived in today's mail. :D

Kate said...


Aren't all the preparations and planning a blast! Enjoy!

Those 5 weeks will go so fast! :)

tshavlik said...

I gave Marilyn a bouquet of those red-tipped roses for Valentines' Day. What a great flower! I am sure they will be smashing in your decorations!