Sunday, May 04, 2008

Project PGH: Paint Grandma's House

This weekend the extended Berge family had the wonderful privilege of working all together on a special project--painting Grandma's house! It is amazing how a big, time-consuming project like painting a house can turn into a pleasant excuse to just enjoy each other's company. So here we go, step by step, on how to paint a house... :)

Step 1: Scrape all the old, peeling yellow paint off.
Here, Justin is demonstrating that painting doesn't necessarily have to be a safe activity.

Step 2: Cut plastic to cover all the windows.

Step 3: Endure cold blustery wind while taping the plastic to the windows

Step 4: Stop your hard work to smile for the camera!

Step 5: Coffee break! (there is nothing like a yummy "Grandma cookie" to retore your energy!)

Step 6: Back to work painting the trim with a steady, patient hand.

Step 7: Everyone contributing and doing their part!

Step 8: Gather food to feed the troups some supper!

Step 9: EAT!

And that is the end of this happy tale! I have to say, a day at Grandma's house is always a good thing--no matter what the occasion!


Janna said...

Great post, Melanie! It was a fun day, wasn't it? Whew, was I tired that night! :D

ben & mindy caron said...

Very fun photos, Melanie!

I caught Grandma admiring her "new" home on Sunday morning as she was walking around her yard...she is just thrilled with it all! What a great weekend!

tshavlik said...

Nice work! Way to support your family. That is, sadly, not common in this day and age. This was a testimony of your love for your grandparents and the strong family bond you have. Thanks for sharing!