Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Elijah first violin lesson

I received a miniature violin for my birthday that is a bit too small for me but just the right size for my little nephew Elijah! So we decided that it is never too early to start with music and commenced with his first violin lesson...

Here he was learning how to hold the violin without any hands...this is when baby fat comes in real handy!

Here he is memorizing the names of the strings..."let's see, was it M-I-L-K?" (that's his favorite word, as you can tell from the cute rolls in the previous picture!)


It was about now that he was starting to question us and our brilliant plan of starting a 2 month old baby on the violin.


And that was the end of the lesson...and he let us know exactly what he thought of it too! I guess I need to rethink my teaching methods.


Janna said...

Hee, hee! :lol: Well, just have patience, Melanie. It won't be long... ;)

Anonymous said...

To Cute, and To funny! I love the rolls of fat part, and M-I-L-K! To clever! Keep the posts coming!

abi said...

That is just too darling, Melanie! Someday he will thank you for the 'jump start' you gave him! :) What a handsome little man he is!!

Melody said...

Oh this is adorable! Elijah is growing so much - does he look a lot like Elianna did? God bless you Melanie! I love reading your blog and seeing how God is at work in your life :)

The Ericksons said...

Cute! I love those rolls of baby fat - just like Wes had, and like Jack is getting!

We should get Wes started on an instrument soon. Know anyone who gives lessons?