Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shannon and Nathan's Wedding

Our family played music at the wedding of our good friend, Shannon Maul. It was a beautiful event full of joy and fun. May God bless this couple as they embark on the adventure of marriage together.

Sweet Gwen, the sister of the bride and maid of honor.


Shannon made all of the dresses including her own! She is amazing!


Anonymous said...

Could you find out what pattern(s) the bride used... from the back the dress appears to be Victorian era maybe? Would love more info about fabrics & any other sewing/construction tidbits. Blessings, Susan & daughters

Melanie said...

Hey Susan and daughters...the pattern that Shannon used is one from the 1800's and was a challenge to read I guess (no pictures at all!) If you e-mail me, I could send you her email address and she could let you know more about it if you want. My e-mail address is