Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Love that lutefisk!

Lutefisk is a big tradition in the Berge family. For decades it has been a staple at our Christmas Eve celebration at Grandma Berge's. Some people say it smells bad but don't believe it! To me it smells like Christmas and all the wonderful feelings that come with it.

Every year in October there is a big lutefisk supper at a local Lutheran church and of course we couldn't miss it. This annual supper is actually one of the first places that we ever performed as a family band so it is always wonderful to go back again.

Here is a picture of my plate

(the white glowing mass is the lutefusk is case you weren't sure).

A little history on lutefisk: literally translated, lutefisk means lyefish, which refers to the early process of soaking where a lye solution made of birch ashes was used in the luting process. Lutefisk is actually dried cod, or stockfish and is probebly one of Norway's oldest trading commodities. It has been used for trading with foreign countries for centuries, along with skins and furs. In Viking times, stockfish was both a main part of the diet, and a trading commodity on long voyages.

Here is a Norwegian now, drowning his lutefisk in drawn butter! I guess that Viking blood just can't resist a little "lute-ing" every once in a while.

(Ha Ha--ok, I know that was a really bad attempt at humor, but that's what happens when your main social interaction all day is with 3-5 year olds.)

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Anonymous said...

Lutefisk?! sounds like something I would eat (and maybe enjoy!) if it was set before me, but then again, it sounds like something I wouldn't order off a menu! :D