Saturday, August 12, 2006

Farm Life

Amelia and Tiger...the much loved kitten (maybe a little "too" loved?)

After Camp Grace I was able to spend a week and a half at my sister Melissa's home and help out around their beautiful little farm. Something about that rigorous, healthy lifestyle really appeals to me. All of the fresh garden vegi's and outside time felt so good. I am sure when you live there all the time it must become work but for a short week it was an experience to remember. Here are a few photos of my darling neices and nephews...I am very biased! :)

Sisterly love...Annika and Katrina

Katrina, Becca, and Charisma with the baby goat

little Erina Peace

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Bethany said...

What adorable pictures Melanie! It helps to have such adorable children to work with, too... :D How special. It sounds like you had a wonderful time -- and I'm sure all the kids had a blast with 'Aunt Melanie' visiting!