Friday, July 07, 2006

Home Improvement!
For a long time we have been wanting to give the end of our garage a facelift. It is a place that likes to collect "stuff" and manages to slowly disintegrates into a mini junk yard all by itself (imagine that!). So finally we'd had enough and launched project "Fix-Er-Up!". It really was inspired by my brother Matt. When he was visiting from Texas a while back he did the preliminary landscaping but now it was up to us to do the rest.
Dad had a load of rocks delivered and he then proceeded to build the neatest looking rock retaining wall. It really is a work of art. I don't know if you all realize it, but my dad is quite the artist. I really enjoyed watching him pick out just the right rock and set it perfectly into place.
He even let me try. Scary, isn't it? Nothing is safe now!
Here is the before picture.....


And after!...

We are still working on filling it up with some flowers so I think by next year it will really be beautiful. You will have to stop by and see it for yourself!


Matt said...

Hey! Looks great! Glad to see you went with the rock. I bet Mom loves it a lot. I bet the rock steps were Dad's idea. Seems like something he would come up with. I am curious how the other end came out looking by the garage door? Another pic, maybe?

Melanie said...

Hey Matt! You are completely right...Mom LOVES it and the rock steps were Dad's idea. I will send a picture of the other side to you too. Thank you for the inspiration for this project. All of your hard work was wonderful!

Karen said...

Wow! You guys did a wonderful job; it looks great! Maybe you could do landscaping as a side business! =)