Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Trip to The Cabin
Our whole family was blessed with the opportunity to spend Memorial Day weekend at a remote cabin up north near Voyagers National Park in northern Minnesota. The only way to get in to the cabin is to take a boat across a large lake, up a river, and through another lake. There it sits, high above the lake on a rock over-looking the wonder of God's amazing creation. It was a wonderful, refreshing time to spend together as a family and in the presence of God. He is so great and mighty!
Mom and Mindy waiting for the guys to return
with the boat so that we can begin our journey in.

A dragon fly drying out his wings.

We caught a lot of small-mouth bass. They are a super fun and amazing fish to catch because they really like to fight and "dance" above the water, putting on quite a show. I think it was the most fun I have ever had catching fish. I am definitely "hooked" now!

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mindy caron said...

You are my favorite photographer Melanie Anne! I love your pictures. The Cabin was a hard place to leave...so much beauty in one location. I'm grateful we had that time together. Love you!